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Durable for any adventureDesigned for roughing it outdoors and shaking off spills during movie night, the Field Blanket Printed is made with our durable Laetus Shell(TM) 63D Diamond Ripstop Polyester and backed by a lightweight microfleece for maximum comfort. This blanket is tear-resistant and treated with a Durable Water Repellent finish to protect against unexpected conditions.Wearable handsfree warmthA center opening in the blanket turns it into a stylish yet functional poncho-a wearable blanket for staying warm and dry while keeping your hands free. Pass snacks, crack a cold one, or pet a cute dog while keeping cozy.Oversized coverageLayout ground cover for a picnic at the park, the Field Blanket Printed is longer and wider than a full-size mattress. Plenty of space to spread out on sunny days or wrap yourself up like a toasty burrito on chilly nights.Versatile travel blanket and pillowThe Field Blanket Printed easily stashes into a water-resistant stuff sack, making it the perfect on-the-go blanket. Flip the stuff sack inside out for a microfleece-lined pillow on the road. It's the ultimate travel companion for your weekend getaways.Intuitive integrationKammok blankets feature a modular loop-and-snap integration system designed to adapt to every scenario. Fold the blanket in half and snap it to itself to create a minimal sleeping bag for overnight excursions. Pair two blankets and snap them together to layer warmth. Snap a blanket to our Roo Hammocks to create a lightweight top quilt while you hang. Our blankets are the swiss army knives of blankets.Hidden stash pocketNo blanket is complete without a pocket to hold your phone, snacks, remote, or headlamp.Adventure Grade GuaranteeAs always, Our Field Blanket Printed is backed by our lifetime guarantee.