Sunda 2.0

1% for the Planet
Donates Percentage Of Sales To Environmental Nonprofits
B Corp
Ethically Sourced, Sustainable
Climate Neutral
Limits Carbon Emissions, Produces Zero Net Carbon Emissions
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Cavernous interior spaceWith 34.75 sq ft of vast interior living space, Sunda 2.0 has room for two adults plus all your gear, kids, or dogs. Steep side walls and unique flat ridgeline create a cavernous interior space and peak sit-up height of 38 in that extends the full 8 ft length of the tent.All-weather durabilityAn integrated rainfly, waterproof bathtub floor, and high-quality Bemis(TM) seam tape provide weatherproof protection against heavy downpours. For Sunda 2.0, the redesigned rainfly eliminates excess weight and allows for set-up in a fraction of the time.Comfort and liveability for the backcountryTwo large tent doors offer easy in-and-out access in tent and hammock mode. Interior gear loops and four built-in side pockets provide organization to store maps, journals, or late-night snacks. Two larger vestibules provide additional dry storage.Amplified airflow and visibilitySunda 2.0 features katabatic venting to ensure maximum cross-ventilation opportunities for cooler breezes to pass through the tent, or warm, humid air to dissipate before turning to condensation. Two fly and tent body windows and tie back points at each entry allow for unobstructed peripheral visibility out of the tent and amplified airflow.Lumos(TM) light-enhancing fabricThe integrated rainfly is built with our specialized Lumos(TM) fabric to provide versatility beyond waterproof protection. From the interior, Lumos(TM) acts as a light enhancing fabric to amplify the performance of a single light source for a brilliant glow at night.