Our Mission

At KindBuys we believe in one thing about products and manufacturing: They should harm neither creature nor planet.
All of the products sold on KindBuys have third-party certifications ensuring they meet our ethical and sustainable standards.
KindBuys was created to make conscious consumerism easy. When a product has a certification on it, we want it to be easy to understand what that means.
We have created a way for our users to gain full transparency into product certifications as well as the ability to filter based on the qualities that are important to them.

Product Transparency

In addition to our shop, which includes products that we believe are proven to be both ethical and sustainable, KindBuys is also a browser extension.

The KindBuys Browser Extension works on major retail websites such that when you are viewing a product, you can open the extension to see what certifications that product has.

Just like in our shop, you can hover over the certification to get a brief summary of what it means.

Download it for free.