Our Brands

We partner with trusted brands using certified ethical and sustainable business practices.


We believe clean and healthy skin, hair and teeth can be achieved with far fewer products, chemicals and complexity. We’ve taken a radically simplified, back to basics, truly natural approach.

Artizan Coffee Roasters


Babo Botanicals

We were born in a garden
You might already know that Babo Botanicals’ ingredients are pure. But so are our origins!

Banyan Botanicals

Our Mission
To help people achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being


Barebones is about what feeds you. Literally. Figuratively. Soulfully.

We're about food, nature, and the pull of the fire—and we supply the inspiration, goods, and guidance to help you revel in them. Whether you’re cultivating, cooking, camping, or exploring, our products will elevate your outdoor experience.

Bee's Wrap

We’re committed to reducing the dependence on single-use plastics. About 2 million plastic bags are used every minute around the globe.


At Bixbee, we look to celebrate kids’ imaginations with products that encourage play and endless creativity. Bixbee products bridge functionality & durability with fashion & fun! Our unique backpacks have a patented horizontal design with ergonomic attributes. For every backpack purchased, Bixbee donates a schoolbag with supplies to a kid in need. One Here. One There.®
Our “One Here. One There.” social mission allows us to collaborate with local and far-reaching non-profits that provide children in need access to education. As a certified B Corp, we can use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Caldera + Lab

We create high performance men’s skincare by combining pharmaceutical-grade science, nature’s purest and most potent ingredients, and sustainable business practices.

California Baby

What began as one new mom's quest for a safe baby shampoo has grown into a beloved collection of more than 80 pediatrician and dermatologist-recommended hair and skin care products for babies, kids, and adults with
sensitive skin.

Cnoc Outdoors

We know that making good gear means that everyone who works with us puts their heart and soul into what they make. We always try to be fair and supportive with our factories, suppliers, and services. We don’t negotiate the lowest possible price but try and find the right point at which we can support everyone around us. When you buy from us, you better the lives of everyone in our supply chain, domestically and internationally.

Fontana Candle Co.

We believe what you breathe is just as important as what you eat when it comes to your health. We’ve made it our mission to create clean burning candles with simple, all-natural ingredients. Each of the ingredients used in our candle making process were hand-selected after careful research, including beeswax, coconut oil, natural essential oils, and wood wicks

Girlfriend Collective

We believe good things come to those who don’t waste.

Hot Cherry

Hot Cherry® is a certified, woman-owned business that employs American workers and uses sustainable, native cherry pits to make pillows that help people feel better. Made with love, right here in the US of A.


Better for the planet
Our proprietary GravitasX™️ fabric makes our legendary hammocks the lightest and strongest recycled hammocks on the market. Using 100% recycled, bluesign®️ approved fabric, we’ve created hammocks that are better for people and better for the environment.

Klean Kanteen

Our Story Starts in Chico, CA but Wraps Around the World.

We’ve always been more comfortable sitting around a campfire than a boardroom table, more at home on the trail than the corporate treadmill. So how did we end up launching a global company and starting a revolution?

Maven Women

Ethical workwear with a sustainable supply chain created by women, for women.


We make premium stainless steel vessels for coffee, beer, wine and food, all of which rely on three things at their core: water, earth and the relationship people have with both. We sit at the nexus of these three critical elements by setting aside a portion of revenue to fund projects focused on clean water, a healthy environment and strong communities.

Mountain Mel's

Mel’s Mission
Mel has always believed in doing what you love for a living, and for her, that means being surrounded by nature. During the years she spent volunteering and working as a hiking guide, Mel noticed that hikers often brought harsh toxic chemicals with them in backpacks and first aid kits. They were heading out to nature to soothe their souls, but had no idea how the plants surrounding them were able to heal them physically. It was this realization that inspired Mountain Mel’s Essential Goods. Mel wanted to create products that people would feel good about putting on their bodies as they went out and explored nature’s splendor. Passionate about nature, sustainability and herbal medicine, Mel’s mission is to share the abundant power of plants and respectfully preserve them for generations to come.


Outerknown is for people who dream big. Those who make the most out of every day. It's not about age, but an approach to life. Never sacrifice style for sustainability. Feel good about getting dressed. You know it's OK when it feels good.

Plaine Products

Think about that. Then know that globally, we produce 300 million tons of plastic waste every year, 78 percent of which is NOT reclaimed or recycled. That’s a lot of plastic.

Plant People

Doctor-formulated, regenerative plant and mushroom supplements that unlock the potential in people.

It's in our nature.®

Plush Beds

Since 2008, PlushBeds has been a pioneer in providing all-natural, sustainable sleep from our California factory direct to customer at an affordable price. We have three industry-leading principles that we adhere to, and they have guided our continued growth and success. While others have come and gone, we have seen year over year growth, and we attribute it to remaining faithful to our core principles.




We make Earth-First essentials using the most sustainable (and comfortable) materials in the world. Every time you purchase an item, we plant 10 trees. By planting trees for every purchase, we’re making big change accessible to everybody and showing the lasting impact that one small choice can have.

Vedic Botanicals

Vedic Botanicals is pleased to offer an array of organic Ayurvedic body care products. From lotions and face creams to oils that soothe muscles and diminish skin problems, our body care products are made with USDA certified organic or wildcrafted herbs and essential oils.

Ayurveda, native to India, houses 5,000 years of health wisdom and functions as the basis for all of our recipes. Our products go beyond skin deep to nurture the health and wellbeing of your body. All of our products are hand-mixed in our solar-powered apothecary. Then, they're distilled into reusable glass and metal containers with certified compostable labels.

Vedic Botanicals sets out to be a company that reflects our values as stewards of the earth and members of a larger society. Among other sustainability practices, we are using plant sourced ingredients instead of animal sourced ingredients. All of our creations are PETA certified both vegan & cruelty-free!

West Paw

“Our work is to use our business as a force for good to help future generations enjoy a healthy planet, productive work, and strong communities.”